We believe that the Mission drives success at Absher Neurology

Absher Neurology is dedicated to being there for you in your time and place of need. In some cases, coverage may be provided by neurology colleagues in the community, but someone is available around the clock. Also, Absher Neurology is the only neurology group in the region that can admit patients to both the Greenville Health System and St. Francis Bon Secours Health System, when hospitalization is required. Furthermore, Absher Neurology is developing the capacity to reach you anywhere, using innovative technology. Stay tuned for more information about this exciting new service!

Absher Neurology is dedicated to being there both in the hospital setting and in the office. Occasionally, the immediate needs of a patient in the hospital may take priority. Occasionally, you could be kept waiting so that we can address the needs of “emergency work-in” patients, individuals who are having a crisis and need to be assessed right away in an effort to keep them out of the hospital. Balancing priorities is always a challenge, but you will appreciate this when your needs become high priority.

Absher Neurology is dedicated to providing the best care possible. Dr. Absher has fellowship training in behavioral/cognitive neurology and neuropsychiatry, a specialty which emphasizes mental, intellectual, behavioral, and degenerative disorders. In addition, he has special expertise in brain imaging, Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and stroke. Dr. Absher is currently lead editor for an exciting scientific text to be published by Elsevier in 2015, “Neuroimaging Personality, Social Cognition and Character: Traits and Mental States in the Brain.” Even with his 20+ years of experience in virtually all aspects of general neurology, Dr. Absher believes strongly that is important to collaborate closely with other health care professionals and care providers, to optimize the quality of your overall health care team.

Absher Neurology is dedicated to communicating effectively with you. When you contact our office to ask a question or report a problem, someone in the office will reply promptly. When it appears that Dr. Absher needs to speak or email you directly, you will get a reply directly from him. The “patient portal” allows you to communicate with us via email. Often, it is possible to handle issues over the phone or by email. You can reach us at ANY TIME at our office number, day or night, 24x7x365.

Absher Neurology is dedicated to communicating effectively with your health care team members. It is important to keep them informed about the care we provide to you, and to have detailed information about the care you receive elsewhere. Our office note are sent electronically, or via traditional facsimile (FAX), and you choose who should have access to your protected health information. When you have a team of people who communicate with each other and work closely together to help you, your health outcomes are optimized.

Absher Neurology’s mission is to be available to you, to provide the best neurology care possible, and to communicate effectively with you and the members of your health care team. Let us know how we’re doing. To accomplish this mission, Absher Neurology is an Academic Private Practice for Neurology.